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What Pet Owners Should Know About Traveling With Animals

To say that our pets are important would be an understatement. As a matter of fact, there are many owners that like to travel with their animal companions, especially during vacations when time spent away from home is extensive. With that said, it\’s important to understand the obstacles that can come as a result of this. Here are a few of the aforementioned obstacles, in addition to ways that they can become less problematic.

If you want to know about the obstacles that come with traveling with pets, one of the most common is them not being up for long drives. Keep in mind that animals tend to become hungry or thirsty relatively easily, especially when they\’re packed in cars for long stretches of time. Not only should you pack substantial food and water, but it\’s important to get your pet accustomed to these drives as well. This particular obstacle is just one of many to make note of.

Another challenge to consider, according to companies like Assisi Animal Health, is that there are many places that don\’t allow for pets. This goes for hotels, restaurants, and other locations that you\’re looking to travel to, meaning that you should reach out to them beforehand. Ask about their rules regarding pets, so that you can plan your trips more effectively. This is one of the most important rules that pet owners must be aware of.

Let\’s say that your pet is as healthy as possible; should you overlook a trip to the veterinarian prior to your travels? There are many reasons why an appointment should be made, such as the importance of physical exams. The exam in question will allow the vet to assess the condition of your pet, before prescribing any medications that might be needed. For pet owners across the board, this step is more than worth taking.

Hopefully this information has given you a better understanding of how to travel with pets. It might be impossible to do so, meaning that you\’ll have to entrust a close friend or family member with your pet\’s care. However, if you think that your dog, cat, or other animal is up for extensive trips, make sure that these details are accounted for. By doing so, you\’ll be able to cross long distances without experiencing much in the way of difficulty.

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Food You Should Never Give Your Dog

Everybody knows that most dogs will eat almost anything; they are not really fussy when it comes to food, but did you know that although most of the food that is fit for human consumption will not harm dogs? Unfortunately some foods can be fatal for them.

Everybody’s favourite sweet treat. the chocolate, looks good and tastes good, but baking chocolate and dark chocolate could have especially serious implications if they were to be eaten by some dogs.

There are certain chemicals inside Onions that can be fatal to a dog; this is because the chemicals can turn into a poison once it enters the dog’s digestive system.

If you walk in the fields regularly with your dog then you may want to know that mushrooms can be fatal to some dogs, also in the same way garlic can be fatal. The effect of this spice in a dog can prove fatal and is very quick reacting.

Anything with seeds in them can be a problem too; some dogs may just get a sickly tummy if they eat seeds, but others could end up much worse. Try to remember this when disposing of your garbage, as we all know how inquisitive dogs can be.

Another thing that can have serious repercussions if a dog gets hold of them is poultry bones. Normal bones are good for dogs to chew on but poultry bones are a different matter altogether. These shatter quite easily and leave very sharp points protruding out. If these should become trapped inside a dog’s stomach or Intestine the consequences do not bear thinking about.

Remember dogs can eat lots of things that we cannot stomach, but they cannot eat everything that we can, so always keep your food out of a dogs reach.

Even an innocent piece of food lying around could be enough to kill either your dog or somebody else’s dog. Just a little care and you could stop an innocent dog from losing its life.

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How To Make Your Dog Stop Barking

Dogs only bark because we have taught them over the years to bark. It is just the dogs’ way to help out their owners by scaring off intruders to their property.

Training has helped the dog to communicate with its master by barking when it gets excited or if it just wants to let you know something.

Try to always know what your dog is trying to tell you. If you just reward your dog when he barks it will only keep him quiet for a while, and then he will start to bark again. This is because he is associating the reward with his barking.

If your dog is one of those dogs that are always barking incessantly, you need to figure out what is causing this. If a dog just barks for attention, do not give it any attention until it stops. That way it will associate attention with calmness.

If you just carry on giving you dog attention when it barks, then obviously it will carry on barking until you react to it and show it some attention.

Some dog as we know are very territorial animals. Not only will they bark if someone is on your property, they will also bark whenever somebody comes near, and in some cases will even bark at people across the street from you.

You could try to distract your dog when they are barking. Once they have stopped give them a reward, this sends another positive message to the dog that not barking all the time is the proper thing to do.

Communication with your dog is good for you and for him. He will get the attention he needs and you will get the peace and quiet that you need.

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