Facts About North Carolina Ragdoll Kittens

Ragdoll cat is a type of cat breed characterised by its unique colour point coat and blue eyes. It has a big physical body as compared to other ordinary cat breeds and has fur, which is medium size. Ragdolls like any other cat will demand a lot of attention as far as good grooming is concerned. This may involve among other things brushing its fur. What to know about North Carolina ragdoll kittens and cats.

The name of the cat, ragdoll, was arrived at due to the tendency of the breeding stock to limp and relax when selected for breeding. The cat is dated back in the 1960s where a certain scientist by the name of Ann baker, who is an American. She decided to cross breed different breeds in order to develop the ragdoll.

The nature and docility of the cat makes it to be well known. Docility makes the cat to be liked by most people. The cat is easily controlled at home because of the fact that it does not fight its owner. Fighting cats are difficult to be controlled hence behind eradicated from homes rather than thinking of a way on how to build a frim relationship.

The huge size of the ragdoll cat makes it to be famous worldwide and mostly in the United Kingdom and also in America. A dog like cat or a puppy like cat is a nickname given to these cats especially in the United Kingdom and in A America. It has a body that resembles that of a dog and the height is like that of a puppy. It has a habit of following people around just as a dog does. This effort makes it be supported by its nickname.

The ragdoll has a lifespan of about ten to twelve years. They weigh about 20 pounds but normally vary with different factors such as diet and health. Unlike other cats, ragdolls are able to live together with dogs without disturbing each other. They are known to like the company of small kids and people who play with them.

The ragdoll cats like the company of people and will even fetch play, sleep with you on the bed at night and great you when you arrive at home. They will also hang out at dinner tables like any other cat and try to enjoy good meals with the owner. However, they are turned away by meals that they dislike and when present they are not cheerful.

Ragdolls should be given a close watch during breeding, as they are capable of transferring unwanted traits into the next generation. These traits include disease, which may make the new generation to suffer to death. It is believed that the kitten can inherit traits as aggressiveness just like dogs do and care should be taken to eliminate such cats from the breeding stock.

The ragdoll should be treated when it is ill to avoid stress in the animal and increase the lifespan of the cat. It is also advisable to ensure that the cat does not suffer attacks from the parasites as they increase the chances of getting sick.

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