How to Stop A Dog Fight

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How to Stop A Dog Fight

Labradors usually will not start a fight, bit if another dog starts one your dog will certainly defend himself. Stud dogs often fight one another, and some dogs become jealous of their owner to the point of fighting any dog that comes near the house or car.

It is dangerous to try stopping a dog fight. While fighting, the dogs are emotionally out of control and may bite a person at this time. It is no use shouting at them to stop and you should not try to separate them, as the dogs are generally stronger than you are. The most effective way to stop a fight is a pail or two of water dumped on them or best of all a hose with spray nozzle attached and the water turned on full force.

Since fights often happen near the house, it might be wise to keep a hose in readiness if you have the bad luck of possessing any dogs that do not get along together. Labradors are not at all of mean temperament, and they are certainly not bred to be fighters. However, certain dogs (male or female) may form dislikes and it is usually rather hopeless to attempt reconciliations and more practical to prevent encounters which can lead to fighting.

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