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Before You Go And Buy Exotic Shorthair Kittens

Quite a few people on the planet have taken to bringing in a pet, either a dog or cat into their lives. And many of these people say this is fulfilling and you may have taken to following their advice in getting one too. You may have put into your mind about getting one of several exotic shorthair kittens that you have seen in the market and are keen on taking care of it. Before you make the plunge, do read on to know more about it.

This breed is really just a shorthaired Persian with another name. The cat has been around for only about 50 years since it was first bred. In terms of characteristics and such, it is very much a regular Persian except for the shorter fur coat. This fur coat is also easy to groom and is considered as non shedding.

Grooming for this cat is quite easy due to its shorter coat, and only requires a once weekly brushing. The brushing is still very important as it will prevent the incidence of hair balls in the throat and also it is good for overall beauty maintenance of the coat. In addition, this weekly ritual will increase the bond between you and your shorthair.

Very much like the regular Persian, this cat is very friendly and tends to gravitate towards people. It is also somewhat much more playful than the regular Persian and can be counted on to give you a warm welcome when you come home. It is a cat with simple joys in that it is quite content to keep itself busy with a simple paper ball or even a piece of string.

For prospective owners, it is a boon to know that this breed is not prone to diseases or genetic abnormalities. This is due to precautions being taken by early breeders. Due to it having its eyes in close proximity to each other tear ducts may have a tendency to overflow and it may also develop sinuses as it gets older.

Eight to fifteen years is about the lifespan for this breed, all depending on how well it is taken cared of of course. Although classified as a medium sized cat it may appear bigger than it is supposed to be since it does have a short but puffy coat. Once it reaches maturity it can reach a weight of around seven to twelve pounds for both sexes.

This cat, due to its friendly demeanor and overall docility should not be kept outside at all at any time. It should strictly be treated as an indoor cat for it will never win any fight with any outside stray or animal. Also, since the breed is quite close to humans, anyone can just pick it up and spirit it away and it will not complain.

Thus covered are some important items to think and mull over before making a final purchase and commitment. It takes a lot of dedication and responsibility in becoming a pet owner of any kind. Therefore you should take as much information on any potential pet before you go out and get one.

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